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Filipino Credit Loan for Workers in Korea

Eligible to loan
k-loan phl
  1. E-9 (non-professional employment) | E-7 (employment)
    F-2 (Residence) | F-4 (Overseas Koreans)
    F-5 (Permanent Residence) | F-6 (SPOUSE VISA)

    Type of Visa Status of Residence Foreign worker (except for E-9-3 (agricultural and livestock industry) | E-9-4 (fishery))
  2. A person whose period of stay in Korea expires and the remaining working period according to the standard labor contract is at least 12 months
Loan conditions
k-loan Philippines
  1. Loan Target : Employees with confirmed salary
  2. Loan limit : up to 30million won
  3. Eligible Age : 20~50years old
  4. Loan interest rate : Within 20% per year , within1.66% per month
    ( Overdue interest rate within 20% per annum)
  5. Contract period : Minimum 12months ~ maximum 33months
  6. Repayment Method : Monthly payment of principal amount and interest
    * (A method of repaying the principal + interest in equal installments every month during the loan period)
  7. Loan Expenses : No handling fees, miscellaneous fees, No early payment charge
Information on required documents
kloan phl
  1. Employment documents : Certificate of Employment + Standard Labor Contract
  2. Proof of income documents : withholding tax receipt or Payslip for the last 3 months or Salary bank transaction for 3months
  3. Identification Proof : alien registration card + passport + domestic residence report card for Koreans with foreign nationality

For Filipino workers Hassle free loan process
k-loan phl, k-loan Philippines, kloan phl, kloan Philippines

  • STEP 01상담진행Apply for consultation

    Requirements guide after consultation

  • STEP 02심사진행Reviewing the application

    Examintion of documents thenCredit Check

  • STEP 03계약서 방문E-Contract Signing

    Easy onlinecontract without visiting

  • STEP 04송금완료Loan

    Send money to your account

Customer Reviews

Philippine national credit loan(Filipino Credit Loan)
Approval of Philippine remittance fund loan
k-loan phl, k-loan Philippines, kloan phl, kloan Philippines
Customers livingin Korea with an E-9 visa
As a 4-year-old tenant in the 7th month of workingwith steady income activities
Looking for a loan because you needed an urgent money to transfer to your family in your country.
Currently working with monthly income around 2.7million won. Although there were funds in the meantime but your in a situation you had to transfer big amount.
had been looking for k-loan to finance insufficient funds.
※ Required funds 5 million won!
At k-loan, we have helped you with consultation on your current situation, qualifications and conditions.
Currently, the remaining period of stay is 2 years and 7 months, and it is possible to submit a certificate of employment and an a labor contract.
Income can be attached to the last 3 months by receiving a salary of 2.7 million won in your bank account every month!
It was a situationproof of stay was clear, such as an important alien registration card and domestic residence report.
As a result of guiding the documents required for the process and helping with the application
The examination proceeded quickly, so we helped and guide the customer to visit the branch for filling up the contract.
Customers who took the time to visit us After signing the contract,were able to receive the loan remittance .
He expressed his gratitude that he was lucky to be able to remit the customer's loan to his family in his country.
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Direction k-loan phl, k-loan Philippines, kloan phl, kloan Philippines

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